Spring Middle School Tennis

btr_icononly_tennisThe youth tennis program start is right around the corner! We’ll be starting on Monday, April 11, 2016 at the Byron Center High School Tennis Courts which are located at 8500 Burlingame Ave SW.

Since we are sharing court space with the BC High School program our practices and matches will take place in the evening times after the HS teams are done for the day. Due to our smaller team size we’ll be having all kids practice at the same time.

If we experience rain and the courts are wet, we will not have practice. Participants will be emailed in the event practice is canceled, but you can always call our cancellation hotline at 616.277.1157 to check via phone. Please note that we do not post cancellations until after 4pm for evening programs.

For each practice the kids will want to bring their tennis racquet, athletic clothes, athletic shoes, and a water bottle. We will supply all tennis balls, so no need to bring your own from home. Each player will be given a team t-shirt for matches, and we just ask that they wear black shorts. For practice days they can wear whatever the weather calls for.

The Coach this year will be Mr. Bentley. He has coached at the High School level and also beginners, so his coaching will be great for our new players and also experienced players.

We’re still working out the final details for matches with other schools, so those will take the place of a practice date once they’re finalized. Matches will be scrimmages, but we’ll treat them as real matches as far as scoring goes. I recommend having your child watch a High School match at some point so they can get an idea of what its like. There are no referees at matches so kids call their own ins and outs, so learning the rules will be just as important as learning the skills.